Blurry Eel Let’s Play Update

Blurry Eel!

I just wanted to make a quick update on how my Let’s Play show is coming, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to start getting episodes out onto the channel.

We filmed a test episode the other night, and it was awesome! I’ve been watching Let’s Plays since my early high school days. Back then it was just some fantasy that I never took seriously. But after filming that test episode, the Let’s Plays are all I’ve been thinking about. I keep looking over the games I want to play, the people I want to play them with me, and how soon I can get these episodes up on the channel. And to be honest, my ambition and excitement doesn’t want the episodes to air just once a week.

April is around the corner guys. I hope you’re ready!

– Matt

Outlook on Short Films – 2017

I have loved all the feedback we have received for our content over at our ¬†YouTube page and for the short films we’ve released so far. I’ve planned out a list of short films that we are going to complete this year.

The plan is to release a new short film once a month, but the list is a surplus for that release schedule. Hopefully you all can be treated to twice the amount of short films for a couple of months.

I’m excited for our latest film. We are going to start shooting a short film this weekend. Matt came up with the story and then I took his outline to write the film and I’ll be directing it.

So be on the lookout for this new short in March!


I’d like to start by…

I’d like to start by mentioning how grueling it was to add my profile picture to my account. I simply refused to actually write a post with a stock human head-shaped silhouette representing me.

That being said, it is 2017, and that means the year of the Eel. As a co-founder of Blurry Eel, this is a dream more than ten years in the making. I think I speak for everyone involved with our projects that the excitement is palpable. With every round table meeting, every podcast, every message we send to one another in a group chat, we are all giddy like school girls!

We’re holding nothing back as we finally pull the trigger on ideas we’ve been putting on back-burners for far too long. No more conversations that end with “we should do that some day”. Sit tight, stay tuned, and don’t blink, because we are coming at you stronger than ever before.

This whole year will be a blur…in the best way possible.