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Jerika Broussard – Fishbone Alley

For the past few months, I’ve been collaborating with Jerika on a video project to showcase her artwork and to give her a proper spotlight. The idea to work together on this video first came about last fall when she started preparing for her mural. Despite delays and hurdles, she never faltered.

What’s amazing is there was never a shortage of helping hands on this project. Many people came to Jerika’s aid throughout the process to ensure everything could be accomplished within her timetable. With a combination of people she’s known for years and even new friends she’s made along the way, this was truly an effort of community.

Personally, being able to capture Jerika’s vision and tell her story has been a rich and fulfilling experience. I find myself immensely proud of what she was able to create, and how she was able to pull people together. It was an honor to work creatively alongside an artist like herself and to craft a video that pleases both of us the way this one does.

It has been an absolute blast to collaborate with my dear friend.


Outlook on Short Films – 2017

I have loved all the feedback we have received for our content over at our ¬†YouTube page and for the short films we’ve released so far. I’ve planned out a list of short films that we are going to complete this year.

The plan is to release a new short film once a month, but the list is a surplus for that release schedule. Hopefully you all can be treated to twice the amount of short films for a couple of months.

I’m excited for our latest film. We are going to start shooting a short film this weekend. Matt came up with the story and then I took his outline to write the film and I’ll be directing it.

So be on the lookout for this new short in March!