This Dang Game! – The Blurry Eel Let’s Plays

Hi Everyone!

On April 3rd, a week ago, the first let’s play went up on the Blurry Eel Youtube channel. This is such a huge achievement for myself and the rest of Blurry Eel to get some content up that none of us have ever tried to create before. Let’s plays are something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and to watch it on Youtube is a bit surreal.

We use my Elgato HD60 capture card for capturing the game footage, and we use Ethan’s sound equipment for recording our commentary. Bruce then taught me how to edit and put together the let’s plays in Premiere, and create the intro and transition graphics in After Effects. So even though the let’s plays are my baby, it is a collaborative effort on the rest of Blurry Eel’s part to help make this happen.

Lastly, I got the music we use from Ozzed at who I want to give a shout out to for his awesome chiptune music. Please go check him out.

A new This Dang Game! comes out every Monday at 12 PM central. Mario Kart 8 came out last week, and Super Smash Bros. Wii U came out today. Go check it out under the This Dang Game! tab here on the site. Also, If you haven’t, please go ahead and subscribe to Blurry Eel on Youtube. It will help all of us out.


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